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Predictive Modeling | Data Visualization | Data Management

Strategisk has built data-focused projects from web-scrapers to deep neural network models. We can provide solutions for any point of the data process from collection and engineering to analysis and visualizations.


Strategisk can build predictive models using machine learning to provide unique insights, solutions, and anticipated outcomes of the most challenging problems that you face. This includes data aggregation and engineering, performing feature selection, and model deployment. All steps of the process will be transparently communicated to provide a reliable, accurate solution for your needs.



We can turn your data into information through programming in Python or using business intelligence tools like Power BI and Tableau. Strategisk Consulting can provide insightful visuals to be used in marketing materials and presentations, or to provide KPI reports to key leaders and stakeholders.

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If your data is stored in multiple file types, in JSON, HTML, or XML formats, Strategisk can prepare your data so it is ready for analysis. This includes developing an ELT processes, data engineering in SQL, and creating centralized data resources. Stategisk can also build web scrapers that automatically collect and store data from online sources to be used for internal analysis.

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